2021: Back To School Campaign

Our 2021 goal is to continue showing support to those in need across Africa. The Covid-19 pandemic has crippled the entire world’s economy, set off the highest record of unemployment rate, left millions with no income and displaced. Regrettably, the second wave of the pandemic has even uglier ramifications, and the hard-pressed are the people already living below the poverty line and from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

As a charity and a public benefit company, we rely heavily on external financial support, therefore, we continue to seek partnerships, sponsorships, and financial donations to stay and expand our course.

For most countries the school term calendar kickstarts early/mid-January, yet it is also a distressing time for many African children from impoverished backgrounds due to lack of affordability and access to quality education, i.e. school fees, uniforms, stationery, and a healthy lunch meal.

In this year 2021, our goal is to double the number of children and youth we have supported in the past year with education bursary aid.

To join hands with us, please visit our website: www.alfoundation.com or call us on +27 11 443 5705 | +27 76 318 4777 to make a financial donation to our back to school campaign, and or many other of our worth causes.

With Love