Our country, like the rest of the world is grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw the President of the Republic of South Africa announcing a complete economic and social lockdown of the country from the 26th March 2020 to date with uncertainty of the reopening.
While the government has been doing its outmost best to contain the spread of the virus and continues to help those who are infected and affected, according to ‘’ latest statistics on covid-19 South Africa is currently sitting on 70 038 confirmed, 1 480 deceased and 38 531 recovered cases and rising.


AL Foundation and AMI extended a helping hand to the survivors of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique as it is always done to any other victims of natural disasters.
According to the word of God, faith without works is no faith at all. (James 2:14-17) Pastor Alph Lukau and his foundation and church were there to fulfil the word of God. In line with the HEAL OUR LAND march which took place on the 27th October 2018 in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, where the church called on God to heal the land of Mozambique and other affected countries. The church of God, consistently offered prayers for each and every family affected by Cyclone Idai while also, together with the AL Foundation mobilised support for Cyclone Idai survivors in Mozambique in the form of volunteers, close to 70 tonnes of clothing, food and medical supplies.
According to Humanitarian workers hundreds of rural communities were plunged into food crisis after Cyclone Idai tore through central Mozambique on March 14. The government estimated that more than 700,000 hectares of agricultural land was flooded, leaving many farmers with nothing to harvest. More than 60 church members and foundation representatives travelled to be of assistance to the Mozambican victims and Pastor Alph Lukau, and the AL Foundation made more than R1million available in aid to get the needed medical and food supplies to the survivors and help Mozambique get through the challenging time.
Africa, we are stronger together. Romans 12:13


Our Children’s ministry program helps teach children the word and the love of God. We have qualified experts who use bible-based and church tested material and Sunday School curriculum.We believe that God is the loving Father of all children. It is His divine Will that children come to faith in Jesus Christ and find salvation through the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith.
We believe that children and parents benefit from a strong Christian education program they receive at church and sets them up to reach the greatness.


We have set up different programs such as winter blanket collection and giveaway for June/July month, Christmas box in December, January started box at the beginning of the year and toy collection for holiday seasons to suit different seasons in our country as a plan to continue to combat issues relating to poverty and as effort to rewrite the future and bring upon a better legacy for generations to come as part of social enlistment.


The Heal Our Land MARCH was a great success and signalled a CHANGE in our country and world wide.
As a church we pray for our leaders, those in government and in the opposition. We pray for civil servants, we pray for the Police of South Africa and afflictions across the world at large.

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AL FOUNDATION is a charity organization established in 2011 with its principal place of business in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

It is a Christian charity founded by Pastor Alph Lukau who is also the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International, a Bible Scholar and a renowned International Speaker who ministers in different platforms around the world.







AL Foundation

We do our BEST, God does the REST


We are passionate about empowering and helping all children and elderly people who are victims of natural disasters, hunger, disease, poverty and orphans by supplying them with food, shelter, medical aid and educational sponsorships.

Our approach is highly focused and personal as South Africa suffers high margins of corruption, poverty, unemployment, violent crimes, poor health and education services.

Our aim is to source donations, gifts of all kind and sponsors to provide every child and elderly person with aid such as educational assistance, feeding scheme, housing and or medical care.


Is to respond to God’s call to love and care for the poor as a Christiaan charity. We are inspired by love and care, moved by compassion and a natural need of wanting to be a part of a better tomorrow.