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AL Foundation

We are a South African Christian charity founded in 2011, motivated by compassion and social well-being i.e. medical, education and bursary support, food and shelter assistance, disaster relief, and all other activities beneficial to the public interest and or common good through raising of funds, the formation of long- and short-term partnerships and solicitation of sponsorships. Pastor Alph Lukau.


Our partners are individuals and or organizations who are associated with us in our endeavors, helping us reach the set short-, and long-term goals and objectives. We treasure all our partners and value their relationships.-Pastor Alph Lukau


Our donors are any person who gives or donates to our causes, i.e. a gift of any kind. We respect and cherish all our donors.


Our sponsors are individuals and or organizations that finance our different projects through different methods. We maintain an extensive relationship, accountability, good stewardship and excellence with our sponsors throughout each event. Pastor Alph Lukau


KZN Floods

AL Foundation went down to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal to give much needed donations to the victims of the floods. The donations were received by the Mayor of eThekwini.


AL Foundation Projects

South African COVID-19 pandemic

Our country, like the rest of the world is grappling with the effects of the Covid19 pandemic which saw the President of the Republic of South Africa announcing a complete economic and social lockdown of the country on the 26th March to date with gradual levels but still with tight regulations. Pastor Alph Lukau

Heal Our Land March

The Heal Our Land MARCH was a great success and signaled a CHANGE in our country and worldwide. This march was part of our spiritual outreach to not only fight in the physical whilst neglecting the spiritual. Alph Lukau

Mozambique Cyclone Relief

The AL Foundation and Alleluia Ministries International extended a helping hand to the survivors of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique as it is always done to any other victims of natural disasters. According to the Word of God, faith without works is no faith at all. (James 2:14-17).

Children’s Ministry

Every weekend we find ourselves with hundreds of children from different walks of life at our church premises, coming along with their families to AMI to fellowship. More than half of these children are sent without necessities such as lunch packs, toiletries, and proper/adequate clothing. Alph Lukau

Feeding Schemes

Currently, we offer services to our surrounding locations such as Alexandra, Soweto, Tembisa, Cosmos City and Limpopo children’s and old age homes.
However, we wish to extend help to more areas across the country and beyond with better permanent solutions. Pastor Alph Lukau

Social Causes

We utilize the seasons in our country in our plan to continue to combat issues relating to poverty and as an effort to rewrite the future. The legacy of the AL Foundation will live on in generations to come through our process of social enlistment.

Educational Assistance

We have centered this program around children who do not have families of close relatives to care for them, but also taking into consideration those individuals who have families but lack the resources.We strongly believe in a famous proverb that says  Alph Lukau

Housing and Construction

A cause that is very close to our hearts, is to assist underprivileged people living in unimaginable bad conditions with better housing structures. It is clear to all of us that a life without secure housing is a life without basic needs being met. 

Medical Support

Another important objective of the AL Foundation is to help the sick gain back their health, but also develop health care facilities in order to reduce the incidence of diseases among poverty-stricken families and communities. Pastor Alph Lukau