South African Covid19 pandemic

The Heal Our Land MARCH was a great success and signaled a CHANGE in our country and worldwide. This march was part of our spiritual outreach to not only fight in the physical whilst neglecting the spiritual.

As a foundation that is an extension of a church, we constantly pray for our leaders worldwide.

We pray for civil servants of South Africa and afflictions across the world at large.

We destroy every plan of the enemy trying to divide us.

We say NO to Sickness and Disease stealing our mothers and fathers – leaving our children as orphans.

We say NO to the climbing crime statistics.

We say NO to unemployment and poverty.

We say NO to racism and killings of innocent souls.

May prosperity be evident in our communities and in our land.

We say NO to corruption – one of the greatest enemies of prosperity.

May God restore the church in its rightful place, we pray that the church may take prominence again.