Coronavirus: India overtakes Brazil in Covid-19 cases

According to the recent news, India has tallied more than 75,000 daily infections (, 2020).

India has said to have recorded more than 90,0000 new cases of the COVID-19 on the September 6, 2020, taking its total number of infections above that of Brazil.

The country currently has the second-largest number of confirmed cases in the world and has reported the third-highest number of deaths in the world. The outpouring in stated infections originated from India’s most heavily populated states i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. There is a notable growth of the COVID-19 virus in many rural areas which also led to the rising number.

Like most countries world-wide, India went into lockdown in March in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and began to ease the phases in June to promote their economic activity. Needless to say, the pandemic and the lockdown had triggered a colossal disruption to their economic activity, consequently, causing a shrinkage of 23.9% in that period between March and June, the worst nose-dive since their 1996 quarterly released data.

We continue to stand as one in the fight of the COVID-19 pandemic. Together we are strong.

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